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Fire Resistance Coatings, Industrial Chemical Cleansers and Environmental Protection
Expansion Joint, Cladding Tube bundle and hot weld
Flame Safeguard & Combustion controls Systems - UV Scanners, Burner Management System, Igniters e.t.c and Incinerators.
Dosing Pump, Metering System, Injection Pumps and Packages.
High Temperature slide plug Valves, Cladding, machine and Tree Valve Maintenance.
STG, Steam generator and Turbine, Heavy Rotating Equipment.
Telecommunication Equipment, Industrial Communication Gadgets, CCTV, PABX, Industriel phone set.
Manufacturers of computer and electronic components and spare parts.
Catalistic cracking screen for FCC unit.
Mass Transfer Technology Trays, Column Internal Production Grid, parking and Rachid Rings<./dd>
Water Treatment & Solar Design Treatment Plan
Manufacturer of High pressure plunger pumps, Hydraulic system, Forging Presses & Equipment
Manufacturer of Combustion Equipment & system-Burners, Flare, Incinerators e.t.c

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